Jun 17, 2018

Drea's Bracelet Trio

Happy weekend, everyone! As promised, here are the ingredients used in my trio of bracelets I started working on and had asked for design input on last week...thanks for the suggestions, one and all! These bracelets were made for my sister, myself, and one of our cousins as part of a little family inside joke...I wanted them to be similar but also different, and I think I succeeded!

Each three-wrap bracelet has almost exactly the same patterning, beads, and design. The major change between all three is that I changed the leather and thread colors for each. In the grey version--since this one is for me, personally-- I shortened the patterns in a couple spots and shortened the second wrap of 6/0s considerably because my wrist is much smaller than an average wrist. I also used Little Shadows in Antique Silver instead of Silver Plate, and I switched the 6/0s in the middle wrap.
Another change,  I had to change up my leather tails on the white version, I inadvertently used 1.5mm leather instead of the 1.0 I intended to use, so 6/0s didn't fit on to decorate the tails. I used White C-Lon to make a couple silk wraps around the button hole instead of knots and long tails.  The ingredients list below links to all 1mm leathers despite that I used 1.5 on that one, since it was not intentional!

Click open the photos below to enlarge and see the patterns.

Please note, the ingredients below are enough to net you all three bracelets.

3 Swirl Buttons- Antique Silver
1 Spool 1mm Metallic Pearl Leather with White KO Thread
1 Spool 1mm Metallic Gray Leather with Dark Gray KO Thread
1 Spool 1mm Distressed Violet Leather with Dark Purple KO Thread
1 Tube 8-4247 Duracoat Silver-Lined Dark Lilac
1 Tube 6-576 Dyed Smoky Opal Silver-Lined Alabaster
1 Tube 6-3642 Pearlized Crystal AB PL Mint
1 Tube 6-264 Raspberry Lined Crystal AB
1 Strand Little Shadows- Silver Plate
1 Strand Little Shadows- Antique Silver
1 Strand 4mm Glittery Matte Silver
1 Strand 4mm Aqua Graphite Rainbow
1 Strand 6mm Milky Alexandrite Moon Dust
1 Strand 5mm Czech Rondelles- Lavender Mercury
3 Charms (and Jump Rings if needed)*
1 Tube GS Hypo Cement
1 Pkg Size 10 Beading Needles

*I had these charms custom-made for this gift, but any of our charms that speak to you would be beautiful!
Happy beading!

Jun 1, 2018

Free Tip Friday: Sea Treasures Wrap Bracelet

Hey Everybody!
June Mix + Summer Feelings = The NEW Sea Treasures Wrap Bracelet.

What a fun Free Tip Friday today... as you will hear in the video, I was just in the mood to make a fun and quick summertime accessory. I hope you like making it, and please share your design take on it!

Ingredients I used:
1 Monthly Mix June, Sea Treasures
1 Half Circle Magnetic Clasp Antique Brass
1 pr Looped Leather End Antique Copper
1 pkg Home Run Antique Copper
5 Mini Hoop Antique Gold
Oasis Charm Antique Gold
1 meter Natural Stitched 5mm Leather
1 pkg .5mm Natural Leather 
1 pkg 7mm Antique Copper Jump Rings
Zap Glue

May 25, 2018

Free Tip Friday: Wire Earrings with Briolettes and Antiqued Wire (Plus Hammering!)

So much fun today on FTF!
I just love these earrings.

Just a few twists of wire and a briolette wrap and you have a stylish pair of earrings!
Here is a list of the bare copper wire that I used:

Bottom wrapped unit: 16G wire armature and 22G wire coiled over the top.
Top armature: 18G wire.
Briolette wrap: 26G wire.

I pre-oxidized the wire using Liver of Sulphur and polished with a Pro Polish Pad.


Watch the entire broadcast here to get the complete tutorial. Enjoy and I can't wait to see what you make!


May 11, 2018

Apr 23, 2018

Spring Bead Together at Janice's in Alexandria, Virginia

Saturday, April 21, 2018
Alexandria, Virginia
Learning to Knot Pearls
This is us with just one having to leave early....

We had such a fun day beading together. I invited anyone who lived nearby (I live now in Alexandria, Virginia) to come for the day and learn to pearl knot. We had a nice turnout of ten...just the right size for the community room of my complex. 

I shared with everyone my all-time favorite and essential technique: Pearl Knotting. My theory is if you can get comfortable with making knots, you can string and design anything. It's that first knot that is challenging. We have some great, class handouts you can download that really go over everything. There's our classic, Pearl Knotting and our more advanced, Gem Knotting....both worth a read. There is also Tin Cup, which uses a floating bead technique....also worth a read!

We all made necklaces using freshwater pearls, a lovely silver metal bead by Nunn Design and a lobster claw clasp. I teach an age-old method of knotting that doesn't require any tools...just  pre-string your beads and then knot one at a time. The end tips we used (.036mm) have an extra large hole, so we needed to add an 11/0 seed bead inside each bead tip to keep the double knot of the doubled Micro C-lon from slipping through. 

Everyone makes a few mistakes when they first start knotting, but with time and practice, the knots get closer together. Like anything worth doing, knotting takes practice!

We used Micro C-Lon and a Flexible Eye Needle

Freshwater Pearls and a Nunn Faceted Barrel Bead

Finished Necklace

I added one of my jewelry tags with the clasp

Old Fashioned Silk Thread

Tin Cup Floats using Griffin Silk

I'm not sure where the time went. It just flew by. There was so much to go over! I talked about old-fashioned silk and using Griffin to create floating necklaces. Much of this is covered in the handouts I linked at the beginning of the blog. 
We promised to get together sooner rather than wait a whole year. I'm in favor! It's definitely made me excited to teach pearl knotting, gem knotting and floats on Facebook Live! More samples and planning needed but this was just pure fun. Thanks everyone! 


Drea's Bracelet Trio

Happy weekend, everyone! As promised, here are the ingredients used in my trio of bracelets I started working on and had asked for design in...