Feb 16, 2019

Kate’s Seven Tips to Kick-start Creativity

Spring is just around the corner…with the promise of new beginnings, Spring always makes me want to sit at the bead table and CREATE! Scrolling though my posts on our FB Group, The Bead Table, I found this post I wrote a while back, and thought it was a good time to share again.

Being naturally creative people, our brains come up with so many ideas! Our hands are happy when busy and our minds at ease when occupied with making a project.

It’s getting into the “project flow” that can pose a challenge. And you know what? That’s okay! It happens to me all the time. My mind can run a million miles an hour and it can be exhausting.

It’s like being a kid in a candy store (or in a bead store), it’s hard to know where to look or create first. Here are some things I do to get myself in the “bead flow.”

Kate’s Seven Tips to Kick-start Creativity 

1. Make components. Like in the necklace pictured, or wire wrap beads, or make clasps, spirals, or headpins. The box of components that you make will make future projects fly by.

2. Print your projects. Take a screen shot or even a photo of the computer screen with your camera phone and print it out and bag it together with your beads in a big baggie. If you steal from this project stash later, who cares! You can always buy more and add it back in. Just leave a note about what you took.

3. Sort your stash. Organized beads are happy beads. Organize however works for you. You are setting up your own shop, so make it the way you like!

4. Give yourself permission to cut up old projects that no longer resonate. Cut up with wild abandon and return your beads to your stash. Or give ‘em away... it really clears your creative space, plus you have more beads to work with!

5. Practice. Grab a spool of wire or needle and thread and knock out process samples. Wire wrap 20 loops one after the other or just start Peyote stitch over and over so the technique flows seamlessly. No end game in mind: just build your skill.

6. Start your art journal. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, but having a repository for ideas can calm the creative mind and help you to not forget those great flashes of inspiration.

7. Do something else. If the creative bug hasn’t bitten and you are flailing, move on. Read a book, take a walk, have a nap. The beads will be there when you are ready.

Remember, in the words of Maya Angelou, “You can’t use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have.”

Dec 28, 2018

Free Tip Friday: A Sassy Little Wrap

These slim wrap bracelets could not be easier...
Three ingredients. Three tools. Three minutes. Okay just kidding on the three minutes part, but seriously, they take no time at all!!

This is what you will need:

4 colors of 11/0 Delicas.
I used DB-010- Delica Black 11/0
DB-310- Delica Matte Black 11/0
DB-1831- Delica Duracoat Galvanized Silver 11/0
DB-1832- Delica Duracoat Galvanized Gold 11/0

1 spool 1mm leather cord.
I used Metallic Pyrite, Metallic Gray and Metallic Pearl.

1 spool Hana Thread. I used my all-time fave, Pebble.

1 Spool Regular C-Lon in Black and Bronze.

1 pkg Size 10 Sharps Beadsmith 20 Pack Sewing Needles

Dec 21, 2018

Free Tip Friday: Making Freeform Peyote Stitch Beads

Updated to add the finished necklace I competed on the FTF on 1.4.19

I used Spicy Mustard Popcorn Padres, Dark Brown Bone Barrels, Nutmeg Reg C-Lon, and Spirits button. I also added Part 2 of the project broadcast from earlier today. Scroll to the bottom of the post to check out both episodes.

On this edition of Free Tip Friday I am sharing my all time FAVE seed bead stitch... Freeform Peyote.  Such an easy stitch as "freeform" is the operative word here. Practically goof-proof! I will post the video as soon as I fininsh the live broadcast.

You’ll need some of our New England Wood Beads. They come in three sizes. I am doing one of each. Make your own mix if you want. Anything goes, really... 

To emulate my bead mix, you’ll need 2 colors of 8/0’s; 3 colors of 11/0’s with one of them being a metal seed bead; a strand of little shadows; a bag of heishi; a strand of faceted hematite rondells; and a strand of 4mm firepolish. 

My Color Palette:
I choose kind of a retro color palette in the following colors:
8/0: 8-1233, 8-64111/0: 11-1233, DB0907 or DB0022L, 11/0 Gilding MatteBrass Little ShadowsBrass Tiera HeishiGolden Faceted Hematite Rondelle, or Bronzed Faceted Hematite Rondelle, or Coppered Faceted Hematite Rondelle.4mm Polycrome Copper Rose 
Type the names in the search bar on beadshop.com for fast finding.

Toss in a spool of KO (I used Dark Gray); Size 10 beading needles and Old School Thread Clippers. And a Bigger Than Little Storage container to keep it together. 

Oct 26, 2018

Free Tip Friday: The Josephine Knot Bracelet

Hey Everyone!

What a fun broadcast today, if I do say so myself ;). I am really in love with this knot... and I think the resulting bracelet is a real winner. Super fast and super easy to make with a lot of "curb appeal".

What more could you ask for??

Today also marke the time we broadcasted LIVE on three platforms, the usual FB LIVE and we added a live feed on our YouTube Channel and our website. Give our YouTube channel a follow and you will be notified when we go LIVE on that platform. Big thanks to our webmaster Karen, for making that happen!!!

Here is what I used for the samples:

2 colors 1mm Leather

1 Czech Glass Button

4 Czech Roller Beads

3 Transition Beads 

Oct 19, 2018

Free Tip Friday: Using Fine Line Beading Chain and Beads

Fun times today on FTF!

I hope you enjoyed the vintage-inspired slide bracelet I made using our Fine Line beading chain and Czech Mates Tiles.

Ingredients used:

We also chatted about using various beads on the chain and how to use crimps to create an illusion necklace.

Check out all the fun on this week's episode. I hope you enjoy working with this versatile chain!

Oct 12, 2018

Free Tip Friday: Dragon Scale Tassel

Thanks to Bead Table Member, Alley Mori and her great ideas with Dragon Scales!

Here are a few of Alley's lovely tassels! Thanks so much for the inspiration, Alley.

Aren't they fantastic?

I used Alley't tassels as inspiration for these tassel earrings.

Here is the ingredients list for what I used on FTF today:

Kate’s Seven Tips to Kick-start Creativity

Spring is just around the corner…with the promise of new beginnings, Spring always makes me want to sit at the bead table and CREATE! Scrol...