Oct 26, 2016

Facebook LIVE Wrap-up on Looming!

Hi Gang!
Thanks for watching our debut broadcast this week on Facebook Live.

As promised, here is a list of the products I used during the broadcast for the looming project I demonstrated on-air. My finished bracelet measured 7 1/4".
 Ingredients List:
Project Notes:
  • The sample is 7 beads wide.
  • Pattern is Row 1:  Copper Shadows across entire row. Row 2; Three Shadows, one 3mm bead and three Shadows. Repeat rows 1 and 2. 
  • Consult page 8 of the Tapestry Woven Bracelet Project Handout for a refresher on weaving the finishing weft of the bracelet and gluing the clasp in place. 

If you missed our LIVE broadcast, find it on our beadshop.com Facebook Page. We have a special offer for our viewers that is valid through Thursday, October 27 at Midnight PST.

Thanks for watching and see you next week!

Oct 25, 2016

Facebook Live - Come Join Us!

Kate Richbourg, Operations and Marketing
Live on beadshop's Facebook page, you will start to see more of Kate Richbourg who will be running live broadcasts from the beadshop offices. She did a test run the other day, so if you were hanging around Facebook, you might have seen her and wondered what's going on. Why does it look like Kate's talking to me? The test run broadcast went well, and now she's ready to make it a regular event, starting October 26, 2016 at 10:30 PST. (If you need a time converter, you can find one here.) 

Topics will be all things bead related, and first up includes a look at a new product available from beadshop, the Jewel Loom. This is a portable loom that allows you to weave on the go. Kate will show how this fun loom works and answer your questions live. If you've ever wanted to try bead weaving but felt intimidated, then looms are a good choice to learn to weave with beads. Future broadcasts are also planned for various bead shows, such as the BABE show this November. 

Make sure you stop by and join in with your fellow bead lovers! If you miss it, though, you can watch past broadcast archived in the videos area of our Facebook page. 

Oct 20, 2016

Bead Kits and Bead Recipes

Eclectic Poetry Recipe 
After I posted on the beadshop Facebook page about the Poetry Grey Kit, bam, it was out of stock! That brought me to ask members of our Facebook page what they thought about the kits in general. I see them sell out so fast, but I was wondering what others thought about beading kits we have and using beading kits in general versus picking out supplies yourself. What are the pros, and what are the cons of beading kits?

Definitely the overwhelming majority replied on Facebook that they love the kits for a variety of reasons. For those who travel, the kits are perfectly sized to pack. Many like that you might receive a price break by buying a kit over individual items. Plus, you will end up with only a small amount of leftovers. When some beaders feel creatively challenged, kits are also a go-to option for them. 

Then there are folks who love the free projects by beadshop but who want to pick out their own colors or change one or two elements of the finished piece. A few Facebook members mentioned that they load up when beadshop has super good sales, so that means they usually have the majority of the supplies in their stash and might just need one or two items to complete the project. 

Beadshop will continue to keep the current kits in stock as much as possible as well as come up with new kits, but it can be challenging when inventory might be low. To help out those who prefer to select their own supplies and those who want a kit that might be out of stock, beadshop has come up with a helpful solution – recipes.

For our most popular projects, we have started developing recipes that provide the support you need to get all of the supplies for a project but, at the same time, allows more freedom for those who might want to alter the original design. For example, there’s the Classic Poetry Recipe. By using the hot links provided in the recipe and referencing the free project handout, you can essentially put together your own kit and easily add everything you need to the shopping cart without having to search around the entire beadshop site to locate each ingredient. The Eclectic Poetry Recipe offers the same approach as the Classic Poetry Recipe, but it includes a few more ingredients in the list. 

Recipes basically give you the convenience of a kit but a little extra flexibility in case you want to change one or two parts of it or if there’s something out of stock and you want to just substitute a similar item. Look for recipes under the projects area of the beadshop site. So, don’t despair if a specific kit is out of stock. Consider using a recipe as a way to collect the ingredients to make that finished jewelry piece you’ve been craving. 

Oct 14, 2016

Beaded Born Yesterday Collection Additions

Life Partners by Janice Parsons
The Born Yesterday Collection has grown by plus one thanks to the new addition of the Life Partners design by Janice Parsons. This is just one new addition to this versatile macrame and beaded necklace design, and more are in the works thanks to beadshop's Born Yesterday Challenge, which ends on October 18, 2016. Are you up for a challenge?

Beadshop is going to select up to three artists to feature on our website. Each winner selected will win a $50 Gift Certificate to beadshop.com and have their work published on our site, Facebook, and other channels of social media.

Here's how to enter:

1. First, go to the Born Yesterday Recipe Page to select your ingredients.

2. Bead creatively and send photos of your creation to challenge.beadshop@gmail.com .

Entries must be handmade by the artist and 80% of the materials must be products we sell on beadshop.com. You may enter up to 3 samples. Winners will be selected by December 1 and announced by December 10, 2016.