Oct 26, 2018

Free Tip Friday: The Josephine Knot Bracelet

Hey Everyone!

What a fun broadcast today, if I do say so myself ;). I am really in love with this knot... and I think the resulting bracelet is a real winner. Super fast and super easy to make with a lot of "curb appeal".

What more could you ask for??

Today also marke the time we broadcasted LIVE on three platforms, the usual FB LIVE and we added a live feed on our YouTube Channel and our website. Give our YouTube channel a follow and you will be notified when we go LIVE on that platform. Big thanks to our webmaster Karen, for making that happen!!!

Here is what I used for the samples:

2 colors 1mm Leather

1 Czech Glass Button

4 Czech Roller Beads

3 Transition Beads 

Oct 19, 2018

Free Tip Friday: Using Fine Line Beading Chain and Beads

Fun times today on FTF!

I hope you enjoyed the vintage-inspired slide bracelet I made using our Fine Line beading chain and Czech Mates Tiles.

Ingredients used:

We also chatted about using various beads on the chain and how to use crimps to create an illusion necklace.

Check out all the fun on this week's episode. I hope you enjoy working with this versatile chain!

Oct 12, 2018

Free Tip Friday: Dragon Scale Tassel

Thanks to Bead Table Member, Alley Mori and her great ideas with Dragon Scales!

Here are a few of Alley's lovely tassels! Thanks so much for the inspiration, Alley.

Aren't they fantastic?

I used Alley't tassels as inspiration for these tassel earrings.

Here is the ingredients list for what I used on FTF today:

Oct 4, 2018

The Return of the MG Walk!

Last year I was blown away, gang. Blown. Away.

In the winter of 2017 I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease, Myasthenia gravis, or MG. It's known as the Snowflake Disease, because it affects each of its patients so differently, but the basics are the same: muscle weakness. My brain and my muscles actually both work just fine, it's the connection between them that's deteriorating. The more I use a muscle, the weaker it becomes. Rest helps, and there are surgical options, drugs, and treatments that can help. But there is no cure and I am currently untreated. Why? Because my best options are drugs that can cause more harm to the rest of my body than good...and research hasn't brought us a cure or treatment that's safer--yet.

After posting this blog in September 2017 explaining my situation and why it was so important to me to raise funds for Myasthenia Gravis research I received one of the largest outpourings of support to date: from you

I cried some happy tears, I have to say...I was and still am so honored, humbled, and simply floored by what you helped us to accomplish. We raised so much money that Beadshop's name was called out during an awards ceremony at the National MGFA Conference this summer, and they sent me a fancy certificate to boot! Due in large part to the fundraising from our Bead Fam the MG Walk asked me to be their "Walk Hero" this year, and of course I told them I'd be picking up my cape at the dry cleaners ASAP! It'll go beautifully with my tiara and tutu from last year!

And so the time has come once again, ladies and gents! We have a new MG Walk to walk, and some new goodies for those of you who'd like to join in the FUNdraising.

This year, my team Kiss Myas(thenia Gravis) and I hope to raise major moolah! We've set our goals even higher than last year and I can't wait to blow them out of the water.  Janice and I, along with my friends and family, will be walking on Saturday, October 13th, at the MG Walk of Virginia in Springfield. This is not only an opportunity to raise funds, but one to spread awareness of MG and be a part of a community I didn't even know existed until just a year ago. Janice and I want to invite any locals to join us! We would be honored to see you there.

Once again, we have a raffle to help raise those much-needed funds:

Janice has donated a $50 beadshop.com gift card 
that we are "raffling" off to YOU
To win, you donate
For every $5 donated you will receive one chance at winning the gift card. So if you donate $5, your name goes in once. If you donate $20, your name goes in four times, and so on. I will keep track of the donations and tally up the names and numbers, and on Saturday from the MG Walk, Janice and I will broadcast LIVE on our Facebook Page and select a winner.

That's not all! Kate wanted to have some fun, too, and she is making these adorable snowflake charms to make the donations a little sweeter. For anyone who donates $25 or more, you'll receive one charm. For anyone who donates $50 or more, you'll receive a set of 3!

Donations must be in by Midnight PST on Friday, October 12, 2018 to be eligible to win. Donations must be made to the "Beadshop Dotcom" team member in order to qualify.

Questions? I'm happy to answer and happy to help.
Just email me at Drea.beadshop@gmail.com

Many thanks and, as always,
Happy Beading!

Sep 26, 2018

Float Away Today on Facebook Live

Well, it's almost 10:30am Pacific Time on Wednesday, September 26, 2018 and Kate and Emily are going live with a favorite project. Today's sample is part of our Float Away Series. It uses many of Emily's favorite colors and is knotted on Size 6 Griffin Silk. What a treat!
Emily's Float
For those who love cooler colors (especially blues!), we have an alternate colorway that we'll be making live today. 

We're calling this blue and silver beauty, "Lovely Emily"...with her lovely blue eyes and gorgeous, silver hair.
Sample Ingredients used:

2 Strands of 6mm Blue Calico
1 Tube Size 6/0 Seed Beads in Dyed Silver Lined Blue Zircon 6-1425

After Facebook Live, we will publish the project. Thanks for your patience. Happy beading!

Sep 19, 2018

The Best of FB Live...Laddering and Infinity Stitch

It's Wednesday, and Miss Kate is on vacation! I hope she's relaxing, doesn't she deserve it?

As you know, we took a break with our FB Lives and had been re-posting some oldies-but-goodies instead, along with our usual special sale and some new ideas for the project. So, here's one more "Best of" blog to get us through Kate's vacation week!

So let's take a peek back at what beadshop.com is known for: Laddering!  You can ladder with just about anything, but we like to keep it simple with Tricks to Laddering. My mother always told me to use "the KISS method" when designing and crafting...have you heard of it? With a sly smile she'd say "K-I-S-S...Keep It Simple, Stupid!" It always cracks me up! But, it really is good advice...there is a real beauty to simplicity.
Happy beading!

Personally, I like to use KO thread doubled and Infinity Stitch when I ladder. I also decided to add a briolette instead of a charm, because I just love briolettes and can't get enough!


1 Button Eyes- Copper
1 Spool KO Thread Natural
1 Pkg 1.5mm Metallic Pyrite Indian Leather
1 Strand 6mm Fossil Coral Rounds
1 Strand 4mm Fossil Coral Rounds
1 Strand 4mm Jet Bronze Picasso
1 Pyrite Briolette and 26G Vintage Bronze ParaWire


Organic Bee Button- Antique Silver
1 Spool KO Thread- Dark Grey
1 Pkg 1.5mm Surfer Cord- Gray
1 Strand 6mm Labradorite
1 Strand Shadows-Silver Plate
1 Strand 4mm Jonquil
Lemon Quartz Briolette and 26G Titanium ParaWire

Meet "The Archer," Round Leather Braid Bracelet... perfect for the guys!

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