Apr 22, 2014

Quick Tips: Mess Free Hypo Cement

G-S Hypo Cement is by far one of our favorite glues for jewelry making. We use it in all of our leather wrap bracelet projects, and it is so easy to use with it’s fine-tipped applicator. That being said, once the glue starts coming out of the tube it’s not about to stop. It can get messy fast, and this is a challenge when you need to use it multiple times in a row for one project. Often you can pull the cap off to find a dried mess of cement from the last time it was used. We have struggled through this issue because we love the glue so much, but recently we were given this little tip by Linda Hartung, fellow designer and gluing expert! Her tip is sure to fix all of your Hypo Cement leaks!

This trick is so simple too! All you will need is some rubbing alcohol and latex free makeup sponges. Both are readily available at your local drug store. Simply soak the sponge in the alcohol and set aside. Whenever you set your G-S Hypo Cement down to work on your project, stick the applicator into the sponge. This will discourage it from leaking, and any glue that does come out will be dissolved. Make sure to wait a few minutes before putting the cap back on to keep the glue from leaking after you have closed it. Who knew that this pesky problem had such an easy fix? Thank you, Linda!

Linda Hartung also has an incredible website where she creates custom wire products for jewelry designers as well as custom clasps. Visit www.alacarteclasps.com to learn more about her passions in the bead world.


  1. great solution for people who don't have an issue with the smell of nail polish remover... My throat closes when I smell it. Wish there was another less toxic way to do this...

    1. We have also heard of people using rubbing alcohol as an alternative to the nail polish remover. Maybe that would work for your situation.

  2. Great idea! Can u come up with one to keep my Thread Burner from breaking, is anyone else having this problem? I have had two in a very short time and they keep breaking. When I put it back together it won't go together right.
    I really love it and don't feel safe making the wraps without it.

  3. What a wonderful idea and thank you for sharing!


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