Aug 26, 2014

Project Remix: Across Cultures Bracelet

Mustard Seed
Across Cultures Bracelet
Sample by Beckie TenEyck and Janice Parsons

Across Cultures has been one of our most popular designs. So, with the gorgeous new additions to our tribal bead selection, we felt it was time to update the instructions. Done in several sections, it seems to appeal to so many because of the looping of the button, the beads and the leather.

In Mustard Seed, Beckie and Janice collaborated to create a bright patch of sunshine against the deep, rich accents of African Brass Heishi. You can use this style and adapt it to seed beads, semi-precious, glass and wood. It is a timeless style and we hope you enjoy! Below you will find the materials used, a Project Map and complete step-by-step guide. Happy beading!

1 Strand Ghana Gold
1 Strand Brass Heishi
1 Festival Button
1 Go Fish Charm and 1 Little Lotus
1 Strand/Pkg Drum Beat
2-3 Russet Sands Beads

We hope you have enjoyed Across Cultures, a project we have grown to love alongside our friends and customers.

There is no “right” bracelet. Make it your own and you will enjoy it that much more.

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