Nov 21, 2014

New Skill Builders Section at!

Working at means that we are lucky enough to spend time beading at the office. Thankfully, we get to do so under the wise eyes of expert beader, Janice Parsons. 

Our fount of knowledge.

Believe me, we all take full advantage of the opportunity to learn from her! Quite often, you will find one (or all) of us at her desk with a question about how to improve upon or master a specific technique. Of course, she always has the answer, and our skill sets improve almost immediately!

After realizing that many of the questions we ask Janice are also questions we hear from you, we have decided to create a section on our website devoted solely to skill building. There are many basic techniques that are often repeated in our project tutorials, and mastering them is so advantageous. 

For example, I can not tell you how many times I have accidentally burned through my macrame´ when attempting to singe a perfect finish with a Thread Zap II. Has that ever happened to you? Never fear, my fellow beader. We now have a tutorial devoted specifically to this process. How to Singe Your Cord Using a Thread Zap II is designed to help you to familiarize yourself with both the mechanics of the thread burner (a highly recommended Studio Essential) while also helping you perfectly singe the cord. 

Perfectly singed!

We have also created tutorials to help you Secure Your Project to a Board or perfect your laddering and macrame stitches. These techniques will serve you over and over again in your beading. We really hope that you love our new Skill Builders. Of course, we will be adding more to this page, so please let us know what you would like to see! 

As always, happy beading! 

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  1. I was hoping to find a page that used to be on your website with pictures showing all the differences in the stringing materials you sell. It has little macrame inserts showing all 3 C-Lon weights side by side etc. Lots more. Best article about stringing materials Ive ever read and would like to print a copy, but cant find it anymore.


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