Oct 14, 2015

Happy 103 Birthday to Great Grandpa Bob!

Grandpa Bob with Janice, Andrea and Ashley

October 14 is a very special day in our family. It’s my father’s birthday and this year he turns 103. Born in 1912, he has seen the world change dramatically…and as an engineer working full-time until he was 87, he has lived a full life…and still is!

My dad, Robert Teichner, has gone from being “Dad” to “Grandpa” to “Great Grandpa Bob” to our newest addition, Eli who turns three shortly. The two are 100 years apart in age. It’s hard for me to imagine the span of years from 1912 to today. So much has happened in the last one hundred years... 

And looking back at my own childhood, I chuckle at how different my two parents 
Great Grandpa Bob with Eli on the Patio

were and yet their combined personalities and values raised me to be the person I am today.

I want to say, “Thank you, Great Grandpa Bob on your 103rd birthday… for being such a good father and role model for me. I learned gratitude and that life is always worth living at every age and stage.”

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