Mar 7, 2016

Very clever! Backstrap Weaving for Macramé

When I came into the office this morning, I spotted Linnea finishing up the handout and samples for Pathways, a new Herringbone Stitch Project to be released at the end of the week. We're so excited about it but what really got me going was the way Linnea had secured the C-Lon cord to her waist to macramé. When I asked her what she was doing,she said she had modified a technique known as "backstrap weaving"; a style of looming used today by the Maya in Guatamala, where you strap the loom around your waist on one end and secure it to something on the other. I thought it was so ingenious. Linnea was taught by her mother, Hilary, who is an avid crafter. "My mother raised me to sew from age 4 and taught me about weaving, women's works and how to be historically correct." 
Linnea has secured the cord to the desk and to her waist with a binder clip. This gives her the tension to macramé with ease. I love it! It's so simple and perfect for the button loop. Thank you, Linnea and Hilary!

First Samples Made for Pathways Herringbone Project


  1. Back in the 70’s, we’d hook our work around one of our bare toes and then use a safety pin on the leg of our jeans for the center strands. Always had adjustable tension!


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