Sep 7, 2016

Color Collection

When designing with beads, you can’t help but consider color as one of the most important elements of your creation. It really is the first thought that comes into most of our minds when we start to develop an idea of what we want to make. 

Our color choices might be the result of attempting to match an outfit, finding inspiration in a piece of artwork, or looking around at nature for our muse. To help you assemble an assortment of hues, beadshop has put together The Color Collection

In The Color Collection, you’ll find every color of the rainbow ready for you to click on and enjoy. Looking for that perfect shade of green? You will find a harmonious collection from colored cord to picasso beads to tassels to Swarovski crystals and more brought together on one easy to access area.

What about going with neutrals of black and gray? Or loads of reds? And then there are those soft pastels to love. It’s all there ready for you!

Take a few moments to explore your favorite color in The Color Collection

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