Sep 14, 2016

Vintage Pearl Dusting Dedication

Bringing work home from the office takes a new extreme when it comes to beadshop owner Janice Parsons and her dedication to making sure all her products are perfect. 

Well-known for amazing vintage pearls, beadshop offers a special selection of these and also incorporates them in to free projects such as the Poetry Project

However, vintage also means old, right? And, old means it has been sitting somewhere untouched for a very long time. As a result, when beadshop acquires vintage products, such as pearls, they might be covered in dust. 

There is just no way Janice would let her customers get dusty beads! Not going to happen. 

So, she brings them from the warehouse to her home. After examining each strand, she cleans them with a very mild soap and water. Then she rinses each one and arranges them to air dries.

This extra attention brings them back to their original beauty and makes them ready for jewelry designers to handle (minus the dust) has they create their special jewelry pieces.  

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