Oct 26, 2016

Facebook LIVE Wrap-up on Looming!

Hi Gang!
Thanks for watching our debut broadcast this week on Facebook Live.

As promised, here is a list of the products I used during the broadcast for the looming project I demonstrated on-air. My finished bracelet measured 7 1/4".
 Ingredients List:
Project Notes:
  • The sample is 7 beads wide.
  • Pattern is Row 1:  Copper Shadows across entire row. Row 2; Three Shadows, one 3mm bead and three Shadows. Repeat rows 1 and 2. 
  • Consult page 8 of the Tapestry Woven Bracelet Project Handout for a refresher on weaving the finishing weft of the bracelet and gluing the clasp in place. 

If you missed our LIVE broadcast, find it on our beadshop.com Facebook Page. We have a special offer for our viewers that is valid through Thursday, October 27 at Midnight PST.

You can watch all of our archived broadcasts on our YouTube Channel. Watch our latest below.

Thanks for watching and see you next week!

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