Mar 16, 2017

Three Bracelet Projects Working Together

Save time and get the most out of your beading supplies with His, Hers, and BFF Wrap Bracelets. Make a single wrap for him, a triple wrap for you, and a double wrap for a BFF with this free project from beadshop. Along with a list of ingredients, this project also has a thirteen page PDF file with instructions and how-to images. There are currently ten sample projects available in a range of colors: Fire Sign, Forest Green, Stormy Skies, Sea Green, Cloudy Day, Steel, Wander Around, Party of Three, Deco Gold, and finally a design in the Beader Showcase by Lisa LaBarre-Kurz

Since these three bracelets incorporate the same type of beading ingredients as well as beading techniques, you save time and supplies. Each colorway uses just two tubes of beads, one spool of C-Lon, some 2mm Leather, and three Buttons (one for each bracelet).

Party of Three ~ Design by Janice Parsons
Sample by Beckie Ten Eyck ~ Single Wrap
The His version of this bracelet is a single wrap that is long enough for an eight to nine inch wrist. Some guys might have wrists that are a little larger, for example ten inches, and if so, just add a few more rows on the end to get the extra length you may need.

Party of Three ~ Design by Janice Parsons
Sample by Beckie Ten Eyck ~ Three Wraps
The Hers version is much longer, around twenty-one inches total, and thus can be wrapped around an average seven inch wrist three times. This extra length means you can also wear it as a necklace too.
Party of Three ~ Design by Janice Parsons
Sample by Beckie Ten Eyck ~ Two Wrap
Finally, the BFF version wraps around a seven inch wrist twice, so the full length of this bracelet before you start wrapping is about fourteen to fifteen inches. 

Along with having plenty of the right ingredients to make all three bracelets, you will find yourself using the same techniques, most importantly the ever popular laddering technique. In fact, it is recommended that if you are new to laddering that you make sure to watch beadshop's free video tutorial on this technique:

After making all three bracelets, you will be a master at the laddering technique and have some beautiful beaded jewelry pieces to share. 

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