Apr 7, 2017

#FreeTipFriday Seed Beads on the Brain!

Hi All,
As promised, I wanted to post the links here to with the info I shared on #FreeTipFriday this week.

First, if you missed the LIVE broadcast on our Facebook page, I have embedded it here:

I seem to be pretty excited about sharing Seed Beads with you!

You can catch all archived broadcasts from our FB LIVE segments on our YouTube Channel

Here is a list of the learning to make the looming project from the video:
2. Click the link at the top of that product page to download a copy of my seed bead patterns and design sheet, or go directly to it here.
3. I used the Deep Dish Design board as my loom and I "warped" the loom like we show in our YouTube Video Tricks to Looming. I warped the board so I have 6 channels across. Each pattern segment is about 6 3/4" to fir my wrist as a 3-Wrap bracelet. Refer to the FB LIVE video A Primer on Beads and Closures for Looming" to learn more about how to add a clasp to the project.
4. Refer to the #FreeTipFriday video above for tips on how to create your own looming pattern and how to finish the bracelet.


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