Apr 30, 2017

Memory Wire Joins the Team...

Lily by Kate Richbourg and Janice Parsons

It's always so fun to bring a product back from "the old days" that inspires new, robust creativity. We found that to be truer than true when we added Memory Wire back into our stable of stringing materials.

When we used it back in The Bead Shop circa 2005, it was not like it is today; it was super hard wire and only came in dark grey. The new memory wire comes in colors and shapes and sizes that were not even conceived back then. So, the possibilities are endless!

We recently did a Facebook LIVE Episode all about Memory Wire. Kate and Janice had such a fun time trying out new permutations. We hope you get a chance to watch the video, see the project samples and try out Memory Wire again. Whether it's your first time or, like us, it's a long, lost friend, think about it when you want to add more creativity back into your designing.

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