Apr 18, 2017

New Powerful Fire Polish Czech Beads

3mm Pink Crystal AB Czech Fire Polish Glass Beads
The Just In section of beadshop's web site is brimming full of new products, and of special note are some sparkling beauties: Fire Polish Czech Glass beads. They may only be 3mm in diameter, but they are big on the bling you can add to your beading creations. Pictured above are pretty Pink Crystal Beads, and the rainbow aurora borealis coating (often simply referred to by its acronym of AB) is the reason why light reflects so well off of these crystals. 

3mm Opaque White Tortoise Celsian Czech Fire Polished Beads
For a more neutral color selection, Opaque White Tortoise Celsian Beads are wonderful alone or mixed in with other components and beads of any color. Use these small beads on your beading loom to weave bracelets you will love to wear everyday.

3mm Milky Amethyst Celsian Czech Fire Polish Glass Beads
Milky Amethyst Celsian Czech Fire Polish Glass Beads have a rosey lavender tint to them. All these 3mm beauties come in six inch strands with 50 beads on each strand. There are so many choices, it can be difficult to pick just one color as a favorite.

24Kt Gold Plated 3mm Czech Fire Polish Glass Beads
Gold never gets old, and, actually, gold and all shades of yellow are trending right now in fashion. By using 24Kt Gold Plated Czech Fire Polish Glass Beads, you can incorporate a classic look of metal into fashionable jewelry pieces. 

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