Jun 6, 2017

Beads, Wire, and Tassels Become Boho Earrings

Boho Earring Copper & Denim (2 inch hoops) by Kate Richbourg
Memory wire is most often associated with memory wire bracelets, but Beadshop's Kate Richbourg has come up with another wonderful way to use memory wire with her fun Boho Earrings projects. Pictured above is the design using shades of blue and 2 inch diameter memory wire. However, you can make a smaller version using the 3/4 inch diameter memory wire, all of which come together in Beadshop's Memory Wire Assorted Sizes Package in Copper (used by Kate for both these earrings). Here are the smaller Boho Copper & Denim Earrings:
Boho Earring Copper & Denim (3/4 inch hoops) Kate Richbourg
While they still have the Boho look and are very long, they are scaled down and may be more wearable for some who aren't ready for super large hook earrings. Both pairs of earrings include tassels in a beautiful turquoise color

Tassels, Turquoise
Kate used two tassels together for each earring and secured them with a Capped Off cord-end. Tassels can be a tad tricky to work with because they can come apart easily after pulling them off the mother cords, so make sure to watch Kate's pre-recorded Facebook Live video before tackling tassels. About 28 minutes into the show, she shows a neat trick for sliding the tassels off the mother cord and onto copper wire. Then she dabs a little hypo-cement on each one as an added precaution. 

Denim is only one color choice. Kate used the same technique and designed another larger and smaller pair of Boho Earrings using a Bronze and Olive color palette. Beautiful! And, these colors are more on the neutral side so can be worn with just about anything. 

Boho Earring Bronze & Olive by Kate Richbourg

For a complete list of Boho Earring ingredients as well as a handy map and links to how-to videos and more, head over to the Facebook Live page of this show, filmed in late May 2017. 

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