Jun 16, 2017

Free Tip Friday: Findings + Glue = Perfect Earrings

Making custom earring findings is a quick way to get exactly the look you want. All it takes is a few specialized findings and a good glue... at beadshop.com we have both!

This is what you'll need:

Top from left: Earring Post, Surgical Steel; Medium Clip On, Gold Plate; Medium Clip On, Silver Plate;
Center from left: Large Clip On Gold Plate; Large Clip On Silver Plate
Bottom from left: Earring Clutch, Surgical Steel; Zap Glue

Pair the findings above with your favorite charms, beads or buttons and adhere using the Zap Glue.

We used our Aventurine Butterfly for this pair. 

This pair has the I Ching Coins and beads from Vintage Finds and 8mm Appalachian Trail.

We used our new Pavers and our Doodle Bead in Bronze to make these earrings during the broadcast.
Watch the entire broadcast here. Find all of our archived #FreeTipFriday broadcasts on our 


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