Jul 25, 2017

One Knot, Many Jewelry Making Possibilities

Poetry in Spiced Chocolate
Project by Janice Parsons ~ Sample by Beckie Ten Eyck
The square knot is one of the most common macrame knots. Even if you have never attempted macrame before, more than likely you are familiar with this knot because it is often used for other purposes than making macrame jewelry. However, if you haven't mastered the square knot, it might be time to give it a try because it will open up so many jewelry making opportunities for you. 

Beadshop has simplified how-to instructions for How to Macrame, and it focuses on the basic square knot. Once you have acquired this macrame technique, you are ready to use it on some beautiful beaded jewelry designs. Here are just a few of the free projects on Beadshop.com that incorporate the square knot.

Make some amazing Poetry jewelry pieces, which are primarily made up of macrame square knots, but also include beads, charms, and a button toggle. You can choose an eclectic approach, where the beads used are a mix of your favorites, or go with the classic take on this design, where only pearls are used in the finished piece. Poetry in Spiced Chocolate (pictured above) is an example of eclectic, and Poetry in Blush (pictured below) is classic, with loads of lovely pearl beads. 

Poetry in Blush
Project and Sample by Janice Parsons
Born Yesterday is a necklace design that uses stations of square knots between gemstone beads. Life Partners has Mahogany Obsidian 8mm and Poppy Jasper Rice Beads. The beads are strung on C-Lon, and square knots are formed in between the beads.
Life Partners
Project and Sample by Janice Parsons
As with any new technique, mastering the square knot may take some practice before you are ready to take on a large jewelry project. However, once you get the basics down, you will find it useful and fairly easy to do. 

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