Dec 28, 2018

Free Tip Friday: A Sassy Little Wrap

These slim wrap bracelets could not be easier...
Three ingredients. Three tools. Three minutes. Okay just kidding on the three minutes part, but seriously, they take no time at all!!

This is what you will need:

4 colors of 11/0 Delicas.
I used DB-010- Delica Black 11/0
DB-310- Delica Matte Black 11/0
DB-1831- Delica Duracoat Galvanized Silver 11/0
DB-1832- Delica Duracoat Galvanized Gold 11/0

1 spool 1mm leather cord.
I used Metallic Pyrite, Metallic Gray and Metallic Pearl.

1 spool Hana Thread. I used my all-time fave, Pebble.

1 Spool Regular C-Lon in Black and Bronze.

1 pkg Size 10 Sharps Beadsmith 20 Pack Sewing Needles

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