Jul 19, 2019

Free Tip Friday: Alley's Mountain Mama 12-Wrap

Epic. That's the best word to describe today's Free Tip Friday Episode. As promised, here are the twelve sections from Alley Mori's 12-Wrap Bracelet, Mountain Mama, featuring Drea's Monthly Mix, Mountain Glow. Alley used one tube of the mix and other beads from Beadshop.com.

The finished bracelet is about 82" long and each section is proximately 7" in length. Check out the entire broadcast embedded at the end of this post.

Thanks Alley for such am amazing work of art!
The finished bracelet featuring Drea's Monthly Mix.
Section 1: Button closure a lá Trails End.
Section 2: Mountain Motif using 8/0 from the mix.
Section 3: 6mm Melons and 6/0 and 8/0 from the mix.

Section 4: 11/0s and 1/2 Tilas from the mix.

Section 5: Super Duos used in the flower motif. 6/0 & 8/0's for the section in between.

Section 6: S-D Macramé Style with 6/0 and 11/0s.
Section 7: Goddess Bracelet Style with 6/0 & 8/0s.

Section 8: Poetry with 6/0s and Melon Beads.

Section 9: Sleek Stackers with 1/2 Tilas, Tilas and 11/0s.
Section 10: Spiral Macramé with 6mm fire polish.
Section 11: Macramé Flat knot and 5mm rondelles.
Section 12: Ovals with 6mm and 5mm Firepolish with the Macramé flat knot.

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