Jul 5, 2019

Free Tip Friday: Circle Stitch Leather Bracelet

Thanks for tuning in today for this Free Tip Friday Circle Stitch Leather Bracelet episode!

For this demo I used:
Dubliner Button Copper
Mini Hoop Copper
Shadows Brass
1.5mm Indian Leather in Distressed Grey and Distressed Light Brown
.5 or 1mm Distressed Light Brown for silk wrap on leather
Fine C-Lon Sable for silk wrap on Trail’s End Closure.

Cut two cords 2 yards each.

Find center of both cords and silk wrap to button or hoop.
If attaching to hoop, use our “Trail’s End” finishing technique to add a 
button to the bracelet.

Circle Stitch

Left Strand: Right and UP
Right Stand: Left and DOWN

Bottom Strand: Left and UP
Top Strand: Right and DOWN

Pull Tightly.

To add beads: 
Every fourth round, add bead to each leg before making the stitch.

Continue until desired length is reached. Finish with a simple knot for the button loop, or using closure of choice.

Here are a few candid shots from the completed sample, after the broadcast ended:

Competed bracelet fits my 6 1/2" wrist. Extra length needed due to the width of the finished bracelet.

Lark's head knot closure. I tucked the ends of two 12" strands of  C-Lon under the silk wrap and then used one each to knot along the leather buttonhole.

Fits right in to my stack!


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