Apr 3, 2020

Kate's Creative Connection: Teardrop Knot

This knotting method is, in a word, amazing. Called the Teardrop Knot or the Pipa Knot, there are so many options for application. It's a new knot for us to teach but totally a must-have! See a list of ingredients Kate used below, as well as some photos and the video, too. Happy knotting!

Distressed Brown 1.5mm Leather
Distressed Mahogany 1.5mm Leather
Distressed Brown .5mm Leather
Teal Chinese Knotting Cord .4mm
Country Red Irish Waxed Linen
6-1256 Metallic Matte Green Iris
Metallic Mix O Beads
Shadows-Antique Brass
Czech Smooth Drops- Sea Green Picasso
Czech Saturns- Green Turquoise Picasso
22-24G Wire (to wire-wrap the Czech Drops or Saturns if used)
Serpentine Donuts
Long and Short Chain- Antique Brass
6mm Round Coil Jump Rings- Antique Silver

You'll Also Want To Have:
Thread Snips
Flush Cutter
Chain Nose or Bent Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers if wire-wrapping
Handy Tape or Ruler

Additional Learning:
How to Silk Wrap
How to Wire Wrap a Bead Unit
How to Wire Wrap a Briolette

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