May 19, 2020

Kate's Creative Connections: Do KNOT Miss This Week!

Kate's got some tricks up her sleeve...are you ready for them? New knots to know, coming right up...

As each episode airs we'll update with photos, ingredients, and embed the videos right into this post.

Tuesday, 5.19.20: The Butterfly Knot
A great start to a wrap bracelet or a purse charm...beaded or's up to you! Learn this knot today with Kate.

1.5mm Leather- Distressed Gray and Distressed Green (it looks purple...but it's just the lighting! That's the Distressed Gray)
Regular C-Lon- Gold
6/0 Miyuki Seed Beads- 6-2033 Matte Opaque Light Olive Luster
Jumbo Swivel- Antique Silver

Wednesday, 5.20.20: The Sun Knot
We are loving the look of this knot! It's a perfect addition to a wrap bracelet, very visually interesting and a lot of fun to tie.

1.5mm LeatherDistressed Gray and Metallic Teal
.5mm Leather- Distressed Gray OR 0.4mm Chinese Knotting Cord-  Treebark (for silk wraps)
Shadows (Regular Size)- Brass
Circle of Bronze
9mm Oval Coil Jump Rings- Antique Copper
Jumbo SwivelAntique Brass
GS Hypo Cement

Thursday, 5.21.20: The Six Strand Weave Knot
We can see this as a purse charm or a keychain! Father's Dat is coming up...this would be a great little handmade somethin' somethin' for dear old dad!
Far Left
1mm Leather- Distressed Brown, Distressed Green, Distressed Gray*
Regular C-LonGold
Jumbo Swivel- Antique Copper

1mm LeatherDistressed BrownDistressed DenimDistressed Gray*
.5mm Leather- Distressed Brown
Regular C-LonGold
Jumbo SwivelAntique Brass

Far Right
1.5mm LeatherDistressed Brown, Metallic Pyrite, Black
Palace Cap- Antique Copper

*it looks purple...but it's just the lighting! That's the Distressed Gray, we promise!

Kate added these items during the show:
ZAP Glue or E6000
Wrapped Link Chain- Antique Copper
22 or 24 Gauge Wire
Faceted Barrel Beads- Antique Copper
Queen Size Shadow- Copper
Little Shadows- Brass
Swivel Clasp ("regular" size)- Antique Copper

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