May 12, 2020

Kate's Creative Connections: Kate's Favorite Things!

This week we're keeping Kate's broadcasts short and sweet so she can get right into fulfillment and shipping for your orders! We are so thankful for the orders we get, and we're so thankful for your patience as our dynamic duo works so hard to get them out the door. To help out, this week we decided to plan a week based on some of Kate's absolute faves. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, 5.12.19: Green Girl Studios Day!
To mark this auspicious part of Kate's Faves Week we want to share our NEWEST Green Girl Studios pieces with you! We have 10 new beads, buttons, and components that we know you'll adore just as much as we do. That promised Alfie charm? It's HERE!! And so are nine other beautiful pieces that we are thrilled to bring you.

Don't forget to check out our Master Class with Cynthia, a deep dive into design and color theory with the mastermind of Green Girl Studios, Cynthia Thornton.

Some of these have been a part of our own personal collections for a while, too! That adorable tiny nest? Drea's had it for nearly 15 years, placed at the center of a favorite necklace she still wears every spring and summer. Just two years ago she also picked up the adorable Bunny Button...she's used it to clasp a knotted necklace of huge labradorite rounds she and Janice found at a gem show together, and using JP's famous knotting method to create the piece!

All of these new pieces will look great in Projects you can already find at, find some of our favorite Green Girl-inspired projects and our ideas for adding NEW Green Girl to them!

Boho BeautyTimeless Treasures...we think Mr. Pickles, paired with the Heart and Star, would be sheer genius together!

ChatelaineStones of Wisdom ...try a Heart Cross Pendant here...wowza!

Warm Sunny DaysLeather & Beads
...imagine this with the Safe Angel or Fluffy Tail pendants!

4 different Goddess Bracelets! T
ry a Butterfly Button in an homage to Psyche, she certainly deserves one!

Never Stop Growing - Mala perfect would the Family Nest and Home Nest beads be in a set??

The Zen of Fishing - The Zen of Stringing
, a no brainer! The Burkett Round Pendant is just begging to be Zen-ified!!

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