Feb 19, 2015

Project Ingredient Substitutions

We are always so thrilled with our customer response when we release a new project. It makes us so happy to know that our new designs and samples are inspiring you to create your very own jewelry. Of course, we also know that this overwhelming response can sometimes cause us to run out of specific ingredients. This is frustrating not only for us, but also for you! 

While we do our best to anticipate demand and keep the necessary items in stock, there are times when running out is simply unavoidable. Occasionally, a product is discontinued on short notice. There can also be extended delays from our manufacturers and vendors.  That's why we are always ready to help you with a substitution. Did you know that you can call or email us anytime to ask for recommendations? You absolutely can! 

Color Study in Picasso Turquoise Green

 For example, Janice's original Color Study in Picasso Turquoise Green is one of our all time, most popular projects. It launched our Color Study series, and remains one of the favorites around the beadshop.com office. 

With a color palette that works year round and a unique combination of techniques, it really elevated the ladder/wrap bracelet category.

Turquoise Picasso Chexx

 Sadly, we learned that the Turquoise Picasso Chexx beads were going to become unavailable shortly after its release. Of course, we were disappointed. However, we also knew that this project deserved the chance to flourish. So, we immediately sprang into action to find a substitution option.
Green Turquoise Celsian Chexx


Luckily, we recently came across this beautiful Chexx Green Turquoise Celsian, and knew we had found the solution. The color variations on this bead are perfectly suited to the project. The shade coordinates with the palette to ensure that the original aesthetics of the bracelet are retained. The special dual finish really compliments the brass tones of the wheat chain and the buttons, while also reflecting the yellows and browns of the seed beads.

Please know that we are always working hard to make sure you have the ingredients you need to create, and don't ever hesitate to contact us directly if you need a little help. Happy beading!

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