Dec 20, 2019

End of Year Poem from Faye...

It is year-end and time to reflect on all the wonderful things that have come in to our lives at BSDC. We adopted two very special friends, Alfred (R) and Oliver (L), known as "The Pickles Brothers"...don't ask me why! We have come to know much better our worldwide beading community through Facebook and Youtube. It is an extraordinary, amazing and talented community that spans the globe and yet it feels like we are all sitting around the bead table together.

We have you to thank for our success. We received this lovely poem written by Faye Luxemburg-Hyam, one of our amazing Design Team Members. This poem reflects the true generosity and love we receive and we are terribly grateful for your support.

May you have a blessed holiday and a happy and healthy new year. 

Thank you so much,
Love from all of us at beadshop, including Alfred T. Pickles and Oliver Q. Pickles

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