Dec 25, 2016

Take a Look at the New Look Book

Born Yesterday Challenge Look Book

The Born Yesterday Challenge has ended. Thank you to everyone who participated. That includes designers and voters. In fact, there were almost 1,000 votes cast during the challenge. How exciting!

Even better, now that it is over, you can download the free Born Yesterday Look Book and enjoy virtually browsing through all the entries. An elite group of six beading designers entered with their design-take on Janice Parson’s original Born Yesterday jewelry piece. 

The look book announces the results of the challenge along with a list of ingredients used for each jewelry item and a photograph of the finished design:

  • Paris by Leanne Loftus won first place.
  • Cindy Brook was second with Pi3.
  • Garden Butterfly by Rebecca Cepeda placed third.
  • Debbie Caldwell's Opposites Attract came in fourth place, and she also entered an additional piece she calls More Garden Moments.
  • Kendra Hill was fifth with Little Warrior.
  • Charmaine Boggs entered with her piece entitled Layers in the Dunes.

No doubt, it is impossible to pick just one of these to make for yourself. 

Dec 17, 2016

Parade Kit Double Bracelet Deal

What is better than a bracelet kit? How about a kit that has enough supplies to make two bracelets? That's what is included in a new Herringbone Ladder Parade Kit.
Herringbone Ladder- Parade- Kit
Samples and Designs by Lauren Hartman

This is a limited edition kit that combines two beloved designs: Lauren Hartman’s Harvest entry in our Autumn Look Book and Parade, also designed by Lauren. These projects are both intermediate level and use the Herringbone stitch technique. For a Herringbone demonstration, head over to watch one of the recorded Facebook shows by Kate and Janice.

Along with free instructions you can download, the kit, which retails for $72, includes all needed supplies: 2 buttons, 4 yards of leather, a spool of Hana Thread, Needles, all the beads you need to complete two bracelets, and an organza gift bag. If you'd like a detailed supplies list, you can see that listed on the Parade ingredients page

Dec 15, 2016

New Facebook Show Shop Link

If you have caught any of the Wednesday Facebook live shows from beadshop recently, then you already know how much you can learn by watching Kate demonstrate various types of tools and related jewelry making supplies. Viewers have asked in the comments about how to locate the supplies seen during the shows, so to help everyone find them quickly, a special hot linked badge has been added to the beadshop's home page so that every week you can head over there and immediately find the jewelry supplies from that week's show.

For example, in the December 14, 2016 show, herringbone stitch was the topic. Along with a large assortment of beads (Tiles, Picasso, and Miyuki, to name a few), other materials like leather, buttons, needles, and glue. Once you get to the page with all the supplies listed, there is a detailed list that includes exactly what you need for a specific project along with embedded clickable links to each item. You can even watch the recorded Facebook video on this same page as well. 

Dec 11, 2016

Bead Stringing Materials and the Elements

During one of Janice and Kate’s live Facebook videos, they discussed an often asked question: What threads, used for stringing and weaving with beads, can you wear in the shower or swimming? 

The short answer to this question, which seems simply enough, is yes, depending on what you use as far as the stringing material goes. However, they went on to qualify this “yes” answer with a number of stipulations and recommendations. 

Leather Cord
First of all, there are some stringing materials they resoundingly said “no” to as far as getting wet. These definitely include leather and silk. Since these are natural fibers, they will stretch over time. In fact, many threads will stretch because as the finished jewelry pieces hang, either around an arm, your neck, or even hanging on a jewelry display, the weight will, over a period of time, cause materials to stretch.

Materials that are usually a little more safe to possibly get wet would include those made from nylon or cotton. For example, there is cotton cord, C-Lon, and Tuff Cord. These are much better choices for jewelry pieces that might get wet.

Keeping all of this in mind, it is a good idea to regularly check jewelry pieces, especially those you wear often, for wear and tear. It is better to know ahead of time, obviously, that a piece may have a weak area and needs repair then to be surprised one day when it comes apart as you’re wearing it. Unfortunately, restringing is part of jewelry making and a very common practice necessary to keep jewelry pieces we love to wear in the best possible condition. 
If you’d like to watch Janice and Kate discuss this and other related topic, the episode if available on beadshop’s Youtube channel for viewing any time. 

Dec 3, 2016

Limited Edition Beading Kits

Fortune Teller: Project by Brittany Ketcham 
and Sample by Savanna Hall

Two limited edition beading kits are now available: Fortune Teller kits and Original Setting the Mood kits. Because these two wrapped bracelet designs have been so popular, beadshop wanted to offer jewelry makers a chance to easily collect all the ingredients necessary to make each bracelet, and kits are the best way to offer quick access to supplies along with a price break. Though, fair warning, beadshop kits often fly off warehouse shelves! 

If ingredients for each bracelet were to be purchased separately, total cost would be $88. However, if purchased as kits, each kit retails for $79.95. Each of these wrapped bracelet projects is intermediate-level. 

The Fortune Teller design was inspired by the techniques in Brittany Ketcham’s Setting the Mood Project, and Savanna Hall created the sample bracelet that spurred the making of this kit. 
Original Setting the Mood: Project by Brittany Ketcham
and Sample by Beckie Ten Eyck
The Original Setting the Mood design was developed based on techniques used in Nicole Anderson’s Herringbone Stitch Project. A green-blue color palette of Mirage Beads was used for the sample, which was constructed by Beckie Ten Eyck.

Pick up a kit for yourself or as a special gift for a fellow jewelry lover. 

Flash Sale Friday...get creative!

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