Dec 15, 2016

New Facebook Show Shop Link

If you have caught any of the Wednesday Facebook live shows from beadshop recently, then you already know how much you can learn by watching Kate demonstrate various types of tools and related jewelry making supplies. Viewers have asked in the comments about how to locate the supplies seen during the shows, so to help everyone find them quickly, a special hot linked badge has been added to the beadshop's home page so that every week you can head over there and immediately find the jewelry supplies from that week's show.

For example, in the December 14, 2016 show, herringbone stitch was the topic. Along with a large assortment of beads (Tiles, Picasso, and Miyuki, to name a few), other materials like leather, buttons, needles, and glue. Once you get to the page with all the supplies listed, there is a detailed list that includes exactly what you need for a specific project along with embedded clickable links to each item. You can even watch the recorded Facebook video on this same page as well. 

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