Apr 8, 2015

Our Trip to the Picard Bead Museum, April 2015

Each year I like to take my team on a trek to Carmel Valley, California to see the most amazing, well-hidden treasure, the Picard Bead Museum. We wanted to share some pictures of this special place with you! The upstairs museum is open by appointment, so if you're in Carmel call ahead and ask very nicely, "Please John and Ruth, may I come by and visit the bead museum?" They may open it to you! The Picards have a priceless collection. And if you do go, make sure to buy something from their bead store in the museum. Thank you! 
xoxo  Janice 

The outside is just as gorgeous as what waits inside!             
This beautifully carved door will greet you as you enter the museum.

Not only are you going to see a priceless collection of beads, but there are also some amazing tribal artifacts.
The beautifully displayed beads will capture your attention the moment you walk through the door!

You're almost certain to see something you've never seen before.

Once upon a time, beads were sold using these cards. These are now priceless antiques!ption

Janice actually used to make jewelry using these cards!

Every bead is displayed beautifully with information about its age and place of origin.
These beads are dated 900 AD. It is really very moving to consider the longevity of beading and ornamentation.

Some of the beads and jewelry would be right at home in a store today.

A definite feast for the eyes!

Don't forget to peruse the museum shop!

Apr 2, 2015

Egg Hunt 2015

The beadshop.com office is always filled with laughter, and Egg Hunt 2015 was no exception. Of course, the competition was serious as we all scrambled to find the hidden eggs. Ultimately, Janice showed us how it was done by finding the most eggs in the shortest amount of time.
Happy Easter, happy hunting and happy beading from all of us to all of you!

Flash Sale Friday...get creative!

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