Aug 31, 2018

The Best of Free Tip Friday...Across Cultures Necklace

It's the end of our summer break from FB Lives and Free Tip Fridays and thus, this is my last re-post! Since we looked at Across Cultures on Wednesday, it seemed fitting to bring back Kate's Across Cultures Necklace today.

You can take the easy route and re-use the color palettes I curated on Wednesday and re-purpose into necklaces with a few additions, like some cord, Carved Components or Pi Discs, and some additional beads....or check out the three new ones below. Whatever you choose, have fun and enjoy! We'll see you LIVE next week!


1 Strand Popcorn Padres Red Chipotle
1 30mm Pi- Snowflake Obsidian
1 Nest Irish Waxed Linen- Country Red
1 Pkg Metallic Red 1.5mm Leather
1 Strand Little Shadows- Antique Brass
2 Pkgs Tierra Daisy Spacer- Gold
1 Pkg Sahara Sands
1 Pkg Tide's Out- Indigo
1 Tea Leaves Button- Antique Brass


1 Strand Popcorn Padres- Ink Black
1 30mm Pi- White Howlite
1 Nest Irish Waxed Linen- Black Irish Waxed Linen
1 Pkg Gray 1mm Indian Leather 
1 Strand Little Shadows- Antique Silver
2 Pkgs Tierra Daisy Spacer- Antique Silver
1 Pkg Silver Sands
1 Pkg Tide's Out- Fog
1 Crossed Arrows Button- Antique Silver


1 Strand Popcorn Padres- Cinnamon Spice
1 30mm Pi- Tiger's Eye
1 Nest Irish Waxed Linen- Walnut
1 Pkg Distressed Gray 1.5mm Indian Leather
1 Strand Little Shadows- Antique Copper
2 Pkgs Tierra Daisy Spacer- Antique Copper
1 Pkg Russet Sands
1 Pkg Tide's Out- Kelp
1 Old Coin Button- Copper

Aug 29, 2018

The Best of FB Live...Across Cultures

It's Wednesday! And it's our final Wednesday of the FB Live Hiatus! As you know, we've taken a break with our FB Lives and have been re-posting some oldies-but-goodies instead, along with our usual special sale and some new ideas for the project. 

This week, let's take a peek back at Across Cultures. This is a classic project originally created by Janice using trade beads, antique buttons, and charms galore...unfortunately, as is the nature of the products, we can't get our hands on many of the ingredients anymore. Grace swooped in last year to update the project, using 6/0 Miyukis in place of the hard-to-get Padres, and using other contemporary components as well. I loved the update, but I miss the Tribal I'm bringing it back with three new colorways to inspire, using our new Popcorn Padres and some of our newer tribal and trade pieces alongside the more contemporary looks that Grace brought in: Czech Rollers, charms, and new TierraCast beads and components.

Happy beading!


1 Crossed Arrows Button- Antique Gold
1 Spool Tuff Cord #3-  Brown
1 Strand Popcorn Padres- Mushroom
1 Strand Little Shadows- Antique Brass
2 Pkgs Snake Spine- Brass
1 Sand Cast- Orange Clay
1 Pkg Currents- Mist
2-3 Czech Rollers- Black Picasso
1 Queen Size Shadow- Brass
1 Faceted Barrel Bead- Antique Gold
Squash Blossom Bead- Antique Brass
1 North Star Charm- Antique Brass


1 Straw Hat Button- Antique Copper
1 Spool Tuff Cord #3- Green
1 Strand Popcorn Padres- Nile Green
1 Strand Little Shadows- Antique Copper
1 Strand Temple- Copper
1 Sand Cast- Brown Rock
1 Pkg Currents- Moss
2-3 Czech Rollers- Olive Copper
1 Queen Size Shadow- Antique Copper
1 Doodle Bead- Copper
1 Squash Blossom Bead- Antique Copper
1 Falling Charm- Antique Copper


1 Concho Button- Antique Silver
1 Spool Tuff Cord #3- Turquoise
1 Strand Popcorn Padres- Caribbean Jam
1 Strand Little Shadows- Antique Silver
1 Strand Temple-Silver
1 Sand Cast- Sky Blue
1 Pkg Currents- Ocean
2-3 Czech Rollers- Antique Silver
1 Queen Shadow- Antique Silver
1 Pkg Elements Rectangle-Silver
1 Thunderbird Charm- Antique Silver
1 Feather Dance Charm- Antique Silver (FYI, this is more of a pendant than a charm...but it's brand new and I love it and I love a big charm on a bracelet!! If you want something smaller, try Flight or the teeny Boho)

Aug 24, 2018

The Best of Free Tip Friday...Boho Beauty

TGIFTF! As you know, we're taking a summer break from FB Lives and Free Tip Fridays and will be re-posting some old faves with new ideas instead.

This Friday I'm bringing back Boho Beauty, which was such an eclectic project that Kate created on the fly...that's how she works best! This piece eventually became its own project (Timeless Treasures) and inspired a second sample, Message in a Bottle. Her original blog post with the episode and all the ingredients can be found here.

You can really mix it up with this project...below are my ideas for combinations of chain, charms, and leather. Our new collections of large-holed beads like Matubos and stone rondelles are perfect here, and of course I had to pick my favorites shades of C-Lon for those stunning little silk wraps. I can't wait to see what you create...share in our FB Group, please! Happy beading...


1-2 Ft Wheat Chain- Antique Brass
1-2 Ft Circle Back Chain- Satin Gold
1-2 Ft Satellite Chain- Antique Brass
1 Pkg Distressed Green 1.5mm Leather
1 Pkg Distressed Green 1.0mm Leather
1 Crossed Arrows Button- Antique Gold
1 Falling Charm- Brass
1 Heart Charm- Antique Brass
1-2 Make a Point Charms
1 Oasis Charm- Antique Gold
2-4 Mini Hoops- Antique Gold
1 Pkg Matubo Purple Picasso
1 Pkg Rattle and Shake- Brass
2-3 Sand Cast- White Beach
1 Strand Faceted Pyrite Rondelles Big Hole
1 Spool Regular C-Lon Sable


1-2 Ft Two Lanterns Chain- Antique Brass
1-2 Ft Sand Bar Chain- Antique Silver
1-2 Ft Smooth Sailing Chain- Antique Copper
1 Pkg Distressed Gray 1.5mm Leather
1 Pkg Black 1.0mm Leather
1 Old Coin Button- Copper
1 Willow Charm- Antique Copper
1 Little Earth Charm- Antique Copper
1 Faerie Flower Heart Charm 
1 Itsy Bottle Charm- Antique Copper
1 Crossed Arrows Charm- Antique Gold
2-3 Faceted Barrels- Antique Gold
2-4 Mini Hoops- Antique Copper
1 Pkg Matubo Matte Nebula Turquoise Green
1 Pkg Tide's Out Indigo
1 Strand Faceted Apple Jasper Rondelles Big Hole
1 Spool Regular C-Lon Black Currant


3-4 Ft My Fair Lady- Antique Silver
1 Pkg Sable 1.5mm Leather
1 Pkg Blue Gray 1.0mm Leather
1 Follow Your Heart Button- Antique Silver
1-2 Clean Slate Charms- Satin Silver
1 Sweet Beech Charm- Satin Silver
1-2 Tiny Bunny Charms
1 Ancient Leaf Pendant
2-4 Mini Hoops- Antique Silver
1 Pkg Matubo- Chalk Lazure Blue
1 Pkg Little Silver Sands
1 Pkg Tide's Out Mist
1 Strand Faceted Matte Onyx Rondelles Big Hole
1 Spool Regular C-Lon Black

Flash Sale Friday...get creative!

Last week Kate went shopping for some special strands at a local gem show, and she brought back six stone strands she couldn't live with...