Jul 19, 2017

FB LIVE Across Cultures Necklace Ingredients list. PLUS Free Tip Friday 7.28.17

Hey all!
We updated this post to include the info from Free Tip Friday on 7.28.17. You all loved the necklace so much, that Kate added more learning for this project during the broadcast.  The additional ingredients that she used are listed below with the original list. The Free Tip Friday broadcast will be embedded below as soon as it is available.

Thanks for watching our FB LIVE broadcast on Across Cultures from 7/19/17.

As promised, here is the ingredients list for Kate's Across Cultures, the Necklace version. You can also find more about this project on the FB LIVE page on our website, as well as the episode notes posting 7/24/17.

Across Cultures Ingredients List

Additional 6/0 colors from Free Tip Friday
Watch the entire FB LIVE episode below.

Watch the Free Tip Friday Episode below.

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