Dec 3, 2016

Limited Edition Beading Kits

Fortune Teller: Project by Brittany Ketcham 
and Sample by Savanna Hall

Two limited edition beading kits are now available: Fortune Teller kits and Original Setting the Mood kits. Because these two wrapped bracelet designs have been so popular, beadshop wanted to offer jewelry makers a chance to easily collect all the ingredients necessary to make each bracelet, and kits are the best way to offer quick access to supplies along with a price break. Though, fair warning, beadshop kits often fly off warehouse shelves! 

If ingredients for each bracelet were to be purchased separately, total cost would be $88. However, if purchased as kits, each kit retails for $79.95. Each of these wrapped bracelet projects is intermediate-level. 

The Fortune Teller design was inspired by the techniques in Brittany Ketcham’s Setting the Mood Project, and Savanna Hall created the sample bracelet that spurred the making of this kit. 
Original Setting the Mood: Project by Brittany Ketcham
and Sample by Beckie Ten Eyck
The Original Setting the Mood design was developed based on techniques used in Nicole Anderson’s Herringbone Stitch Project. A green-blue color palette of Mirage Beads was used for the sample, which was constructed by Beckie Ten Eyck.

Pick up a kit for yourself or as a special gift for a fellow jewelry lover. 

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