Oct 30, 2015

Twins, a new project about color

I always like to create a project that is inspired by color; it makes me feel like I'm painting with beads. In our November project, Twins, I looked at two things that are the same but not identical....like two leaves in Autumn or Two Night Skies. In each case, they are related but different. I asked myself...what would it look like to combine them? I am really excited about the results.

Twins is a new, 4 Wrap Ladder project intended for all levels. It uses two techniques: Laddering and Macramé. At the halfway point after Wrap 2, the ingredients change...they are related but vary enough to create a new feeling. In Two Autumns, the stone is Red Creek Jasper and with so much variation, it really looks like leaves turning color.

I hope you enjoy the project and find a sample that inspires you to create. And I'd love to see what you make. Please share your samples with us. You can email photos to info@beadshop.com. And happy beading!

xoxo janice

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