Nov 12, 2015

Weave a Honeycomb

Just recently, The Beadsmith introduced its newest 2-hole Czech bead, Honeycomb, in 33 colors. With its signature 6 sides, this bead mimics a beehive pattern. And with two holes, it begs to be woven. When I went to research patterns and designs using this bead, there isn't much out there yet because it's so new. But what was really missing are ladder bracelet designs with them.  And, as we are still the home of wrap bracelets (at least for the time being!), I thought, "Why not?"

It actually became a challenge to ladder Honeycomb beads. It took hours of experimentation to finally arrive at a way to graduate up to enough beads to make a wide, luscious cuff. I went through so many tries until I arrived at the final results.

What makes this project different from previous ladder designs is the manner of weaving using a needle and thread. It is much more like bead weaving than laddering; beads are added only from the right side and the needle and KO weave in a figure 8 or Infinity Stitch. I also added a new style of beginning and ending the macramé. It's a bit of a surprise to start with a longer tail that acts as a macramé cord.  I want to thank Karen Marshall for originally bringing the Infinity Stitch to me as a way to ladder, Savanna Hall for helping with samples and handout editing and Grace Noland for her wonderful photography for all 70 steps. Thank you! I hope you enjoy. ~ janice

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