Jul 27, 2016

Look Hot with a New Take on Cool Wrap Bracelets

Roll up your sleeves because the heat is on! At least, that’s the case with the weather in many parts of the world as summer temperatures continue to climb. Hot weather also means you’ve put away the turtlenecks and pulled out the tank tops. Warmer weather usually means showing off a little more skin, and wrap bracelets are a great way to adorn yourself… and they make great gifts! They add a pop of color to an outfit, or you can choose neutral tones that will go with everything. Beadshop’s Prairie Wrap Bracelets let you combine colors and add your favorite slider charms to create unique jewelry. 

If you are ready to make one right now, there is already a large selection of designs to pick:

  • Desert Lavender” mixes shades of purple and focal center piece feather and heart sliders.
  • Country” has star slider charms, blue leather, and rose and marigold fiber.
  • Prickly Pear” can’t be missed with bright shades of pink and silver slider charms.

And there are many other designs to choose from; each sample includes a complete list of ingredients that goes along with the free, 15-page handout, which is easy to download. This is such a fun project that uses basic macramé techniques and simple gluing. It’s a breeze and intended for all levels. Just follow along and before you know it, you’ll forget all about that summer heat! 

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