Jul 30, 2016

New Version of Poetry to Inspire Creativity...

Just recently, four new colorways have been added to one of our most popular projects. This easy project uses simple macramé techniques to create a wrap bracelet that can both embellish your wrist or be worn as a necklace. It's so simple with just beads spaced within the knotted cord. 

Download the free, 16-page project handout that has both the original instructions and the new addition, which includes the four new color palettes. A list of ingredients is included. Tools and valuable Project Maps are also available on the website.

With the new samples, Janice demonstrates how to adapt the design to include a 2-hole button, which is more available than the single-hole pearl closure used in the earlier samples. "It's challenging to source anything unusual like that lovely pearl button, so I wanted to make sure the project would continue on with a button anyone could find." Janice chose 2-hole buttons in mother-of-pearl, but you could use almost any button. "I wouldn't recommend a shank button; I think the cord will have excess wear along the shank and wear out more quickly. However, a 2-hole button is a good choice." 

Beach Memories designed by Deana Paul
While Janice Parsons developed the bead recipe for four of the new designs, there is a fifth entitled “Beach Memories,” which was designed by a member of our beading community, Deana Paul. Her beautiful creation was selected for Beader Showcase, Beadshop's platform for our readers to share their designs inspired by our online projects. Deana’s color combination of white, aqua, silver, and turquoise was inspired by the Pacific Ocean. In fact, she doesn’t live far from Catalina Island, and as she explains it, she “wanted the bracelet to have a beachy feel.” 

The final length of your “Poetry” jewelry piece is up to you. According to the handout, around 40 to 46.5 inches is recommended for 6 to 7 wraps. The more wraps you want, the longer you can make it. If you’d rather wear it as a necklace, wear it long, double it, or add a focal pendant. The versatility of this design is up to you! 

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