Aug 11, 2017

Free Tip Friday Silk Road Necklace with Boho Components!

Thanks for watching our #FreeTipFriday on FB LIVE. We had a lot of fun creating our NEW Silk Road necklace on air together. If you haven't watched it yet, here is the link to Youtube.

In addition to the Modern Woman Bib component, and Plum tassels, Kate used the following beads:

 The findings and stringing materials used:

You can follow along in the video for exact details on constructing the piece. Kate began by adding the dangles and tassels to the bib component.

You can find more details on wire wrapping using a headpin in our skill builder on Kate also referenced the how to wire wrap a briolette skill builder for tips on how she wrapped the tassels.

After completing the embellishment on the bib, it's time to string. Along with the techniques in this episode, find more tips on stringing with Soft Flex in our FB LIVE broadcasts Soft Flex 101 parts one & two as well as our skill builder; Using Crimps, Guardians, and Covers.

It is a fun and fast project to create! Thanks for watching and we'd love to see what you make using our fantastic bib components

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