Aug 15, 2017

Bead School Now Open

Those tiny little beads, known as seed beads, have been planted firmly into the Beadshop curriculum. To help beaders learn new bead weaving techniques, we’ve created a special place on Beadshop’s Web site just for them: Seed Bead School

Seed Bead School Inna Kit
Registration is not required to start learning at this school. Plus, you can work at your own pace and create your own homework and assignments. Begin by getting all the tools and supplies you need with the Seed Bead School Inna Kit. If you are new to working with seed beads, this kit is a fast and economical way to make sure you have all you need to get started weaving with seed beads. It includes a package of beading needles, which are thinner than regular sewing needles, as well as Clear Blue KO Thread, made of fine nylon, and beeswax, used to condition the thread so that it makes it easier to weave through the beads.  To also help you create an area to bead, this kit has a metal triangle tray to scoop and store your beads and a bead mat to work over. Additionally, the kit has a selection of seed beads in black, white, and a contrasting blue. This color trio will help you learn the basics. 

Chloe ~ Project and Sample by Emily Miller
Once you acquire some basic supplies and tools, you can take off from there and work through many of the free projects available on the Seed Bead School page. An excellent beginner project is the Beaded Berry Chain, a project developed by Emily Miller, who often appears with Kate during Beadshop's weekly Facebook Live Shows

Early Morning Ombre ~ Project and Sample by Emily Miller
Peyote is another lesson available at Beadshop's Seed Bead School. Currently two projects, Early Morning Ombre and Golden Ombre, are available as free downloadable instructions. For a limited time, these will also both be available in kit form, but they sell out quickly, so check Beadshop's selection of kits often and catch either after they are restocked.  

High Tea ~ Project by Emily Miller and Sample by Kate Richbourg
Seed beaders who are interested in adding another new stitch to their schedule will be ready learn Spiral Rope, which has three variations so far: High Tea; Fog Over the Bay; and All in Black + White. This rope technique can be used to make necklaces, bracelets, or anklets. Just adjust the total length of the piece as needed.

More projects are in development and will be added to Seed Bead School, so check back often. 

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