Apr 8, 2014

Instagram Contest Winners

We love photography at beadshop.com, so it makes sense that we fell hard for Instagram. This little app makes it so easy to take a simple photograph and turn it into something special. When we first joined, it was so much fun to look through all of the creative beading ideas out there that we decided it was time to see everything that you have been creating. That is where our first Instagram contest came from, and we have been absolutely blown out of the water by everything you have submitted! With over 200 entries, it was very difficult to narrow down our favorites. That being said, we have managed to choose 3 winners that have inspired everyone in the office.

First Place-$100 gift certificate to beadshop.com and 2 week editorial feature@cterril designed this gorgeous set inspired by our Mosaic Wrap Bracelets. The way the design was converted to earrings is completely new to us and we think it is such a great evolution of the project.

Second Place-$75 gift certificate to beadshop.com@_anna_bee_ created this beautiful Herringbone Wrap Bracelet. It had never occurred to us to use two colors of Chinese Knotting Cord simultaneously, and the result is this beautiful twill-like wrap.

Third Place-$50 gift certificate to beadshop.com@gabinsa made bracelets from Tricks to Looming and Bead Weaving, Stackable Ladder Bracelets, and Tricks to Laddering. It is great to see how all of the techniques look lusciously stacked together.

There were many other photos that wowed us, and below is a sampling of a few of them. If you would like to see all of the entries in the contest you can view them on Statigram.

Clockwise from the top left: @marissacorson, @ldoyleloftus, @sistergoldenhair1920, @nuch168

Clockwise from the top left: @da7isay, @dcgraf88, @leathernstone, @svenjabeadwork

Clockwise from the top left: @annettenordell, @laketahoeme@amyy50@lindabdotcom

Thank you to everyone who entered for all of your enthusiasm. We are truly inspired by everything we have you have created, and we can not wait to see more!


  1. I love what the winners have done, just awesome work.
    I love BeadShop...in the middle of moving had my dates mixed up a little disappointed about that but happy for the winners and all who participated!
    Best Regards, Deborah

  2. What an awesome contest! It was so great to see how everyone's artistic voice came through on their renditions of our projects. It was a tough choice, indeed!

  3. Another way to be inspired by Beadshop.com! Thank you to the artists and for sharing their stunning work. After taking a break from beading for a few months I'm eager to begin again. With joy, Chris

  4. Everyone made some beautiful pieces. I agree that it must have been hard to pick but I think the first place winner was an excellent choice. Congrats to you all that entered, very good job.

  5. These are gorgeous!! Very inspirational!!


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