Oct 8, 2015

New Skill Builder: How to Use a Foldover Crimp with Chain

This Skill Builder is intended to show you in 7 easy steps how to use a Foldover Crimp with small chain. So many tiny chains today just don’t seem to have links large enough for jump rings. This foldover crimp is not intended for use with cord or leather...we’ve tried! Cord just slips out, but with small-link chain, it works great! 

Please also review Skill Builder: How to Open and Close Jump Rings Securely

Our sample was done with Teeny Satellite Chain in Antique Copper.

Chain desired finished length + 1 inch extra 

1 pair Foldover Crimps
*1 Little Lobster Clasp
*2 jump rings
*2-3 inches of extender chain
*Available in Extender Chain Kit

Studio Essentials: Chain Nose Pliers, Bent Chain Nose Pliers and Flush Cutters 


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