Nov 27, 2015

How to Knot Beads and Rock your World...

Knotting a mala or a strand of pearls is within reach. Of all the techniques I have taught over my 30+ years of teaching, pearl knotting is the biggest hurdle for so many. I'm not sure why; I sometimes think it dates back to when we were children playing with our grandmother's jewelry and we came across her knotted pearl necklace. Somehow those knots between each bead seemed so special. And it is, but it isn't difficult. In Learning to Knot a Mala, you can easily learn this technique. It just requires a pair of knotting tweezers and a forgiving thread like Fine-Weight C-Lon. There is some magic to the happens when you separate the two threads and pull them gently but firmly and the knot slips up next to the bead. That's when eyes would go wide in class; when non-believers would look to me with a new sense of self..."I can knot!" 

I hope you'll try it. The handout is absolutely free. You can locate it at: I'd love to hear how you did and what you knotted. Grandma's Pearls? Stones? Glass? Anything!

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