Jan 10, 2016

Your 2 Cents

One of my resolutions for 2016 is to spend more time talking with readers and customers. When I had The Bead Shop in Palo Alto, I would chat every day with students, shoppers and people who wandered in off the street curious to see a store that just sold beads. There was a natural flow of ideas and opinions. I would often hear, "I saw this in a catalog. Will you help me make it?" or "When will you get this back in stock?" or "I'd like to learn how to do this. Will you teach me?"

Now that we're an online bead shop, it's more challenging to communicate one-to-one, but not impossible. So, with the new year, comes my resolution to go "old school"and begin chatting again. Give me your 2 cents on how we're doing and I promise I'll listen. Whether you're intrigued by a product you saw someplace else, curious about what thread to use in a project or you'd like to share what you just made, I want to hear from you. And if I don't have an answer to a question, I'll do my best to get you one. Please email me at feedback.beadshop@gmail.com or join me on Facebook and give me your two cents!

Thank you and happy beading,
~ janice

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