Feb 11, 2016

DIY Prairie Leather Wrap

Wraps are so wearable and easy to make. They have become the go-to accessory for both women and men. With our new project, Prairie Leather Wrap, we just took it up a few notches...maybe that's an understatement? Before we knew it, we were going crazy with embellishment...from macramé with seed beads to sliders of all kinds. It really became a team obsession. Start with a few key ingredients and some studio tools and away you go! But, don't say we didn't warn you!

So much of Prairie Leather Wrap is about designing in real time. Build it as you go rather than trying to pre-plan. It's during the process of trying it on, working on it, trying it on again and seeing where the pattern falls around your wrist that the magic happens. Ideally, you want to create interest from all sides and this method of stringing, wrapping and stringing again will guide you in what to do next.

You will be working with the back side of the leather facing up. This insures you don't damage your leather with glue or tape. Follow the steps in our free handout, which includes how to macramé, adding new C-Lon colors seamlessly, tips on gluing and design. It's 15 pages!

From very simple to wild and crazy, we hope there's a Prairie Leather Wrap in your future!
Trail Ride by Janice Parsons

Annie Oakley by Cara Scopazzi
Country by Janice Parsons

Black Heart by Karen Marshall

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