Aug 26, 2016

Beadshop Flash Back Friday

Happy Friday! You have probably heard of Throwback Thursday on Facebook and other social media outlets. How about carrying the idea of looking back at fun jewelry projects into Friday? We can enjoy a flash from the past and look at what was happening a few years ago when it comes to beads and jewelry designing.

Color is one of the most important elements when designing jewelry, and back in May of 2014, a popular quick tip post showed how to use a photograph to inspire the colors for a new piece of jewelry. Read more about this fun color technique at this post, Palette from a Photograph

In July of 2014, the shop's Bollywood Earrings tutorial was published, and it was so popular that it inspired a full how-to video:

For a final blast from the past, that same year a really interesting blog post was published that discussed Tribal and Trade beads. Beadshop is well-known for its collection of beautiful beads from around the world, and this blog entry written by Lacey McAdoo in September of 2014 talks about one fun experience the beadshop crew had discovering some amazing bead finds. 

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