Aug 18, 2016

Make Your Bead Wishes Come True

Do you keep a mental list of beads and jewelry making supplies that you hope or plan to purchase someday? With beadshop’s new “Wishlist” feature, when you see something you love, just wish-list it! When an item on your wish list goes on sale, you are ready. Plus, if your “honey” or kids want to know what to get you for your birthday, you already have a list to share with them. 

Setting up your wish list is super easy. Just create an account by first selecting the Login link in the top-right corner of the beadsop home page. You will be prompted for information such as your name and email address.

A few minutes later, you are ready to start shopping and add to your Wishlist. Each product in the shop has an Add to Wishlist link. 

The Wishlist feature is simple to use but also surprisingly robust as it allows you to create multiple lists or share through social media. After logging in, you can view your Wishlist by selecting the Wishlist link at the top-right corner of the beadshop home page, or you can view it at any time through links provided in product descriptions as you shop. Every time you stop by to visit beadshop, you can view your Wishlist, change it, or use it to shop. It is very simple and convenient to use! 

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