Oct 25, 2016

Facebook Live - Come Join Us!

Kate Richbourg, Operations and Marketing
Live on beadshop's Facebook page, you will start to see more of Kate Richbourg who will be running live broadcasts from the beadshop offices. She did a test run the other day, so if you were hanging around Facebook, you might have seen her and wondered what's going on. Why does it look like Kate's talking to me? The test run broadcast went well, and now she's ready to make it a regular event, starting October 26, 2016 at 10:30 PST. (If you need a time converter, you can find one here.) 

Topics will be all things bead related, and first up includes a look at a new product available from beadshop, the Jewel Loom. This is a portable loom that allows you to weave on the go. Kate will show how this fun loom works and answer your questions live. If you've ever wanted to try bead weaving but felt intimidated, then looms are a good choice to learn to weave with beads. Future broadcasts are also planned for various bead shows, such as the BABE show this November. 

Make sure you stop by and join in with your fellow bead lovers! If you miss it, though, you can watch past broadcast archived in the videos area of our Facebook page. 

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