Oct 8, 2016

New Bead Additions - Poetry

In radiant fall colors,  meet new additions to Poetry. Add these to your must make list of designs for the fall.

By Janice Parsons

Poetry in Green Tea: The color combination for this beaded piece came after Janice was reading about the oxidation process green tea leaves go through in order to get their flavors. Bronze, brass, Picasso coral, and olive colors of beads, charms, and cord make up this project. 

Project by Janice Parsons; Sample by Beckie Ten Eyck
Spiced Chocolate: The sample for this version of Poetry was crafted by Beckie Ten Eyck. Carnelian gemstone beads are combined with crystal beads in colors of nutmeg, tweed, and iris. 

By Janice Parsons
Indigo: Like all the Poetry pieces, this is finished off with a button as the clasp, and this button is extra interesting. On one side, it is natural shell, and on the other side it is engraved with tiny circles and intersecting lines. Dumorterite, pearls, and crystals in various shades of blue are used throughout.

Most beginners will be able to find success with this project since the main technique used is a square knot. Plan to spend four to five hours to make Poetry, The finished length will vary depending on how many times you want to wrap it around your wrist and the size of your wrist, but most average around forty to forty-five inches long. 

You will find a complete ingredients list as well as a list a necessary tools and, of course, the free download on the Poetry project page so you can order and get started making one or more of these in plenty of time to wear and enjoy this fall. 

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