Nov 2, 2016

FB Live Wrap-up on Looming & Laddering with SuperDuos and Duets

Hi Gang!
Thanks for watching our Facebook Live broadcast this week. It was great to share Looming and Laddering with SuperDuos with so many viewers. Thanks so much for your questions, comments, link shares and likes! It really means a lot.

L to R Acanthus (version 1), Smoke Signals and Hide and Seek.

As promised, here is the wrap-up with a tools and materials list from Looming with Super Duos and Duets.

Jewel Loom
Xuron Thread & Cord Scissors
Size 10 Seed Bead Needles 

1 tube 10 or 11/0 seed beads. I used Aged Czech Picasso 10/0.
1 tube Size 8 seed beads. I used Gilding Matte Gold Plate.
SuperDuo Duets. I used Green Turquoise + Ivory Dark Travertine.
Fine C-Lon Olive for warp
Micro C-Lon Olive for weft
Ultra Suede. I used Topiary.
Compassion Suede. I used Brown,
or a clasp like Cool Luke Brass.

Find the PDF handout for the Acanthus motif at this link.  Find the tutorial for adding the leather as I did to the ends on our Tricks to Looming & Bead Weaving Project.

For the lovely Laddering Projects from Janice, we created two landing pages on our website. Find all the info you need for both projects. Hide and Seek here, and Smoke Signals here.

We also chatted about some of our Skill Builders. Find our tips on Macramé and our Stitchionary.

All this week you save an extra 10% through 11/10/16 on all SuperDuos in stock including all of our Duets. Remember to add your storewide coupon from the website banner for even greater savings!

I hope you enjoyed this journey into designing with this very versatile two-holed glass bead. If you missed our LIVE broadcast, find it on our video tab on the Facebook page.

Thanks again for watching and see you all next Wednesday at 10:30 AM Pacific time!

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