Feb 15, 2017

Charm Bracelets for Throwback Thursday!

Grace's Charm Bracelet.

At beadshop.com we love charm bracelets. They are so simple to make and are perfect for preserving memories like special occasions, vacations or life events. 

Some of the beadshop.com gang were chatting one day about their favorite pieces of jewelry and the topic of charm bracelets came up. It turns out  Kate, Grace and Cara all have charm bracelets in their collections. They brought them in and shared the memories that the charms held. It was fun to hear where the charms came from and to see the eclectic collection.

Kate has been collecting charms for her bracelets since she was a little girl.
She is now on her way to filling bracelet number 5!
We wanted to share some tips on how to get started and create your charm bracelets. They make such thoughtful gifts and cherished mementos. Start by selecting a sturdy chain, that has roomy links, like our Endless Love and a lobster claw clasp like our Swivel. Charms are best attached using a heavy-gauge jump ring. We like a 6mm, 18 Gauge ring as it is fine enough to fit through the loop of most charms yet heavy enough to stay together without coming open.

Cara's Bracelets. Many of her charms have moving parts!

The other main trick to assembling a sturdy charm bracelet is knowing how to open and close jump rings securely. Consult our skill builder to brush up on your technique. Use a chain nose and bent chain nose pliers to manipulate the rings.
All the bracelets pictured together make quite an impression!
We carry a variety of charms so you can jump right in and start designing your own. We'd love to hear how you incorporate charms in to your designs. Do you have a charm bracelet with special meaning? Share your thoughts and photos in the comments.

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