May 6, 2017

Memory Wire Beading Tips

Memory Wire Assorted Sizes in Copper
We are welcoming back Memory Wire into the beadshop inventory, and to celebrate the return of this wonderful jewelry making product, Janice and Kate made it the star of one of their Facebook Live Shows: Making Magic with Memory Wire

During the show, Janice and Kate demonstrated how to work with the wire, and while they made jewelry and answered questions from a live audience, they also shared some helpful tips for creating with this product. Below are just a few gems of knowledge from the show:
  • When stringing beads on multiple loops of Memory Wire, Janice likes to tape one end of the wire to the table. Then, with the other end of the wire, she feeds beads onto the wire, allowing them to spiral down the loops of wire as she continues to add on more beads. This trick makes adding lots of beads to the wire surprisingly fast.
  • Kate demonstrated how to make loops on the end of the Memory Wire to help finish off a piece. She used round-nose pliers for this. Once you have the loops made, you can also attach dangle elements to each end.
  • Headpins and eyepins are useful for adding dangles to the loops on the ends of Memory Wire, but you can also use headpins to connect separate loops of beaded Memory Wire together to form a type of cuff-style bracelet. 
  • To work safely with Memory Wire, which is made of carbon steel, Kate and Janice both reminded us that pieces of the wire can go flying when you cut it. In order to prevent this, cover the section you plan to cut with your hand while cutting the wire.
  • Cutting memory wire is another issue discussed during the show because you can damage your good wire cutters if you use them to cut Memory Wire. Instead, it is worth investing in a Xuron Memory Wire Cutterwhich is made specifically for cutting Memory Wire. 
  • Xuron Memory Wire Cutter

You can find an assortment of free Memory Wire projects to inspire and instruct you in designing with this fun and simple jewelry making supply in the new Memory Wire Is Back project area. Beginners will love how easy it is to make these multiple loop bracelets, and seasoned beaders will enjoy how fast they can create them.

Tall Meadow ~ Sample and Project by Janice Parsons

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