May 2, 2017

Soft Flex Collection Arrived!

Soft Flex Collection
The choice of which brand of beading wire is very subjective for most jewelry designers. However, Soft Flex is a brand that has a wonderful reputation and is popular with many beaders. We are happy to announce that Beadshop now has Soft Flex beading wire as well as many other findings and tools from this company as part of our Soft Flex Collection.

Soft Flex .014 Satin Silver
Probably the most well-known Soft Flex product is the Satin Silver beading wire in .014 diameter. It is available in both 30 foot and 10 foot spools. This beading wire is made up of 21 strands and micro-coated so that it is strong but also flexible. The thickness ideally works with an assortment of light to medium weight beads such as pearls, gemstones, and seed beads, as well as glass and crystal beads

Beadsmith Double Notch Crimping Tool
While you can finish the ends of Soft Flex beading wire with clam shells (also known as bead tips), many veteran beaders like to finish off the wire with crimp beads. Therefore, you want a good tool for this, and the Beadsmith Double Notch Crimping Tool is exactly what you need to get a good seal on 2mm to 3mm round tube-shaped crimp beads. 

Enjoy browsing through this new and extensive assortment of beading wires, tools, and findings that are part of the Soft Flex Collection. You will discover simple methods for giving your jewelry pieces a finishing touch that looks clean and professional. 

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