Jun 11, 2017

Bead Crochet for Newbies

Clarity of Thought by Emily Miller
Don't know how to crochet but wish you could make beaded crochet jewelry? Not a problem! With help from crochet and beading expert Emily Miller and beadshop.com, you can quickly learn the basics to get you started. 

After mastering the simplest of stitches - crochet chain stitch - you will be able to combine your love of beads with colorful fiber. Chain stitch is just one of the many stitches that crocheters use, but for the Bits & Pieces projects now available from beadshop.com, the only stitch necessary is the chain stitch. 

Watch the video of Emily and Kate for helpful how-to instructions and tips. Make sure to also download both the episode notes (available on beadshop.com's Facebook Live page), and then head over to the Bits & Pieces project page. Select your favorite colorway, and you'll find a link for downloadable companion instructions that go with the video. 

Picking just one of Emily's projects will not be easy. Along with Clarity of Thought (shown at the top of this post), there are three other color combinations to choose from: 

In the West by Emily Miller
Roses by Emily Miller

Grey Gardens by Emily Miller
Emily suggests starting by learning the chain stitch before adding your beads. You may even have some yarn around the house, or kitchen twine is also a good choice for new crocheters to practice with. You may want to use a larger crochet hook when first learning to chain stitch, but once you get the hang of it and are ready to add some beads and use thinner fiber, you will size down your crochet hook. Beadshop.com suggests Clover Crochet Hooks because of their ergonomic handles. 

Whether you are new to crochet or are already skilled at chain stitch and other crochet techniques, we'd love to see some of your fiber and bead crochet creations! 

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